How to Build a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

April 23, 2021 Blog


Investing in a diverse and inclusive team brings innovative results. For some firms who have operated a homogenous group, transiting to an inclusive workforce may be challenging, but it also has immense benefits. Diversity in the workplace has to do with the understanding and acceptance of the differences between people. These differences could be religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, experience, language, ideologies, personalities, and race. Inclusion is the ability of a business to create an environment that is collaborative, supportive, and respective. This enhances the participation and performance of all parties involved. Operating a diverse workforce can attract top performers to your organization, and beyond attracting them, you can also retain their services. Diversity leads to higher value creation.


Employees shun companies that lack diversity because of the fear of being restricted. A non-inclusive workforce can also have damning consequences on your business as it could ruin your reputation and lead to the loss of clients. Representation is important, and people want to feel that represented in all spheres. To build a diverse and inclusive workforce, you can implement the following strategies; :

Create a sense of belonging

When employees feel left out or undervalued, this will lead to low performance. People thrive in an environment where they feel appreciated. It would help if you created a workspace where employees feel safe and included. You can’t have a diverse and inclusive environment and still promote favoritism. Pay attention to your bias; if you favor a particular group or person based on their gender, religion, sexual orientation, or race – you have to let go of this prejudice. Encourage people to speak up and welcome diverse views.

Continuous teaching about inclusion

Most firms might start by sensitizing their workforce on diversity and inclusion, but the fact remains that one-time teaching is not enough to change biases and stereotypes. Repetition is needed for people to make conscious efforts towards change. Organizations will see fundamental changes in different actions and a better mindset. Encourage workers to integrate non-discriminatory ideas and beliefs into their lives. Inclusion goes beyond words to the kind of practices in place. Check the process your business operates- are people prevented from talking in meetings because of their ages? Are people left out because of their sexual orientation or religion? These are vital questions that help you search for yourself and enhance your capacity to build a diverse and inclusive workplace.


Empathy requires that you put yourself in someone’s shoes and feel what they are feeling. A business leader should reach within himself to recall a scenario when he might have dealt excluded or shamed. It is only then they can effectively relate to an excluded person’s state of mind. Even amongst employees, empathy is a requirement.

Develop Equal Access to all Individuals

Access to opportunities should be available to all. Employees can see impartiality, and it could cause resentment within your workforce. Your business needs a group of persons who can compete collaboratively. You do not want to have to break up fractions within your organization. Eliminate any practice that prevents some employees from accessing an opportunity when others can. If your intentions are genuine, make it known to everyone so they do not make assumptions.

Consider people’s preferences.

Not everyone likes the same food, drink, or movies, and people should not be forced to do what they don’t want. Take the diversity of employees into consideration when planning. Like in a social gathering, not everyone drinks the same beverage or eats the same food. Ask the right questions; this will show your employees that you are attentive to differences. The answers you garner will help you cater to people based on their needs.

Develop anti-discriminatory policies

A policy that is clearly against discrimination will keep employees in check. Develop a system that advocates for real change, especially when your business is newly incorporating diversity and inclusion. It may be challenging at the beginning, but it is achievable. Everyone needs to make conscious efforts. And do not forget that employees will respond when they see the leadership’s actions. So, it would be best if you endeavor to walk the talk.


Your firm can use diversity as a competitive edge. Give employees reasons to stay with your business. Be attentive to their needs. Employees drift towards inclusive workforces. You can attract top talents to your team by building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Everyone wants to know that there is a place for them within an organization. it is a morale boost, which also enhance performance.

Please take care to create a workforce that does not only employ diverse talents but includes them. After recruiting, established practices that encourage inclusion should be seen.

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