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Business is all about taking risk. Effective management of a firm in order to achieve its desired goals & to preserve the firm’s capital requires calculated risk-taking, which is in line with the firm’s propensity for risk.

Not taking risks one doesn’t fully understand is often the best form of risk management.” – Raghuram G. Rajan

Appropriate business decision-making today requires more than judgemental analysis. It also requires managers to develop structured quantitative approaches, which help to better predict possible outcomes based on a given set of parameters. This often assists in providing a good measure of performance, improves the quality and ultimate success of business decisions.

At H. Pierson, we aid our clients in the effective management of their risks by providing a range of consulting solutions that can be tailored to the clients’ specific needs.

Our solutions are broadly categorized into:

  • Risk Management Solutions
  • Risk Governance
  • Treasury Risk Consulting
  • Controls, Audit & Compliance

Our team comprises highly experience local & international risk experts with hands-on industry experience in providing customized risk management solutions to our clients.

Our solutions are cost-effective, competitive, and are designed to ensue that our client’s improve their operations and efficiency in managing risk in their regular business activities, and ultimately increase their corporate value.


  • Risk Management Solutions
  • Risk Governance
  • Treasury Risk Consulting
  • Controls, Audit & Compliance
Risk Management Solutions
  • Enterprise-wide Risk Management
  • Risk Management Maturity Assurance
  • Risk Management, Strategy & Performance Alignment
  • Risk Culture Embedding & Transforming
  • Risk Policy Development and Review
  • Basel II & III Consulting
  • Solvency II
Risk Governance
  • Board Risk Advisory
  • Board Evaluation
Treasury Risk Consulting
  • Treasury Re-engineering services
  • Asset and Liability Management Consulting
Controls, Audit & Compliance
  • Risk-Based Internal Audit (RBIA)
  • Risk-Based Supervision (RBS)



  • Risk Management Solutions
  • Risk Governance
  • Treasury Risk Consulting
  • Controls, Audit & Compliance
Risk Management Solutions

This range of solutions cover the fundamental risk management services that a firm may require. Our solutions include:

  • Risk Profiling
  • Enterprise-wide Risk Management: Framework design, Re-validation & Upgrade
  • Risk Policy Development and Review
  • Risk Management, Strategy and Performance Alignment
  • Risk Culture: Embedding & Transforming the Risk culture in an organization
  • Risk Management Maturity Assurance
  • Basel II & Basel III Consulting
  • Solvency II Consulting
  • SME & Microfinance Risk Advisory

Our risk management solutions are constantly updated to be in line with best practice and incorporate guidance from international standards such as COSO 2017 & ISO 31000. All our solutions can be customized to fit each client’s unique business circumstances and aim to deliver top-level technical solutions that best address the request at hand.

Risk Governance

At H. Pierson, we value the extent to which the Board & Senior Management of a company can influence its risk management activities irrespective of the institutionalization of a unit with dedicated risk management functions. The need for sound corporate governance, as well as risk governance practices are highlighted in the CBN, SEC & FRC Codes of Corporate Governance. These are also a prominent feature in most international risk management standards e.g. COSO, ISO 31000.

To that end, we offer our clients a set of standalone solutions that are geared specifically towards establishing sound risk governance practices within the client’s firm.

– Board Evaluation

This solution reviews the performance of the Board as a whole, as well as individual members for the period under review. The methodology employed by our team is in line with the requirements in the CBN, SEC & FRC Codes of Corporate Governance, as well as the IFC Corporate Governance methodology.

– Board Risk Advisory

We provide risk advisory services to our client’s Boards to assist them with tackling specific difficulties they may be experiencing in the execution of their risk oversight & risk governance responsibilities.

Treasury Risk Consulting

We offer traditional treasury risk management consultancy services centring around Asset & Liability Management (ALM) and optimization, as well as re-engineering services to help our clients overhaul & restructure their treasury management mechanisms to improve the security of the company’s holdings and improve key operating factors, such as Liquidity management.

Treasury Re-engineering Services

Asset and Liability Management Consulting

Controls, Audit & Compliance

We provide technical & advisory support through the following offerings:

Internal Controls – Framework Testing, Re-Validation/Assurance & Optimization

Risk-Based Internal Audit (RBIA) – Framework design, Re-Validation & Upgrade

Risk-Based Supervision (RBS) – Framework design, Re-Validation/Assurance

Regulatory Compliance Advisory

The methodology we employ has shifted from the traditional approach to a risk-focused approach. This approach focuses on risk profiling and prioritization of audit areas and the subsequent allocation of audit resources with a view to making internal audit a more value-adding function.

This risk-based approach is further extended to the compliance advisory services we extend to our clients, which ensures that compliance prioritization and compliance framework adequately capture the risk involved in their business operations.

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