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The Human Resource Consulting unit of H. Pierson Associates consists of three sub units which are Talent Management Consulting, Strategic Talent Acquisition and HPA Corporate Resourcing (a subsidiary handling employee outsourcing).

In Human Resource Consulting, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to provide them with an in-depth understanding of our methodology and solutions. We also ensure our solutions align with our clients’ business objectives and provide a seamless transition to these solutions.

Our solutions help our clients to drive employee engagement and productivity, job satisfaction, find best-fit candidates, reduce cost, improve HR processes and improve their competitiveness against competition.

Our Talent Management solutions cover a range of services like Culture Transformation, Performance Management, Organizational Design, HR Leadership & Staff Audits, Competency modeling, Succession Planning, Millennial Workforce Management and many more.

Our Strategic Talent Acquisition solutions cover a range of services like Board & Executive Diversity Search, Diaspora Key Talents Search, and Board & Executive Search.

Our Employee Outsourcing solutions include – Technical Executives Outsourcing and Middle- Level Workforce Outsourcing.

We pride ourselves in our technical experts with over 40 years of combined experience in human resource consulting, working tirelessly to deliver optimum HR transforming solutions to our clients.


  • Talent Management Consulting
  • Employee Outsourcing
  • Talent Acquisition
Talent Management Consulting

  • Organizational Restructuring
  • HR Leadership & Staff Audits
  • Culture Transformation
  • Competency Modeling
  • Succession Planning
  • Millennial Workforce Management
  • Performance Management
  • HR Policy Review

Employee Outsourcing

  • Technical Executives Outsourcing
  • Middle Level Workforce Outsourcing

Talent Acquisition

  • Board & Executive Diversity Search
  • Board & Executive Search
  • Diaspora Key Talent Search




At H. Pierson, we believe that a strong performance management system remain critical for the growth and survival of any organization, especially in an environment characterized by stiff competition, economic turbulence, product innovation and demand for superior staff performance.

Global organizations that are “built to last”, have over the years developed and applied strong performance management systems as key competitive tools, thereby building and sustaining high performing individuals, teams, cultures and organizations.

Our solutions are focused on achieving just that and are delivered by our strong team of performance management consultants with proven skills in this critical area, using best in class tools and automation to help organizations achieve the desired business and staff performance.


Our competency model assesses every aspect of your organization human capital initiatives (including selection, training, performance management, succession planning and compensation) as a building block for an integrated talent management program within the organization. We help organizations identify and define critical organizational competencies and the desired knowledge, skills and organizational behaviors expected from staff.

Our unique approach is practical, future-focused, and results in models that are memorable, usable, and enduring as the enterprise evolves. Our approach builds commitment through participation and reflects your organization’s unique culture and values. Our competency model development and assessment help organizations capture the distinguishing corporate capabilities within their employees that offer competitive advantage.


The continuous availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume critical roles as they become available is the essence of succession planning. Organizations are taking a more proactive approach towards balancing external recruitment with the need for internal continuity for critical roles and positions. Without a structured succession planning framework, organizations risk losing business knowledge and expertise, eroding business continuity, damaging client relationships, and increased talent gaps.

At H. Pierson, we help organizations identify and develop the capability of internal employees to fill critical positions. Our approach to succession planning helps your talent management strategy by encouraging the retention of key talents within your organization. Our Succession Planning solutions will help you to develop a comprehensive and effective succession plan that can be maintained on an ongoing basis without external assistance.


An appropriate workplace culture is a critical success factor for the optimization of organizational performance. At H. Pierson, we help organizations align their staff performance and behavior with that required for optimal organizational performance. Our services here include organization-wide culture integration as well as specialized culture change initiatives in identified functional areas such as Customer Service, Operations, Sales and Relationship Management, Staff Performance and Productivity.


At H. Pierson, we offer organizational design and restructuring to our clients who need a change in their structures, aligning this with the organization’s strategy to aid the organization achieve their ultimate goal.

Organizational Restructuring is a step-by-step methodology which identifies dysfunctional aspects of work flow, procedures, structures and systems, realigns them to fit current business realities/goals and then develops plans to implement the new changes.


The millennials are already in today’s workforce. Some have been around for some years while others are just gaining entry into the workforce. Their needs and desires are quite different from that of the previous generations and keeping them motivated, satisfied and engaged seem to be a daunting task for organizations.

At H. Pierson, we recognize the various challenges organizations face in retaining these young and bright talents. Our solution enables our clients to analyze and understand the needs of their millennial workforce, proffering solutions to engage and retain the workforce.


Finding executives that are the right fit for your board and management positions can be very challenging.

At H. Pierson, leveraging on our over two decades of experience, we are able to help you overcome the daunting task of filling your key positions and mitigating your talent risk.

To help us make the best selection decisions for you, we deploy our tried and tested methods in our search for top talents who meet your requirements and fit into your organizational culture.

Our solutions include –

  • Board & Executive Diversity Search
  • Board & Executive Search
  • Diaspora Key Talent Search

In implementing our solutions, we deploy over two decades of HR Consulting experience on each assignment. The result is our use of search and screening methodologies that deliver shortlists of quality candidates that will constitute talent to your organization.


Employee Outsourcing is an arm of our talent management consulting solutions that focuses on talent outsourcing for our clients. We recruit, on-board and manage employees, including performing all the human resources function for our clients.

Our solutions include –

  • Technical Executives Outsourcing
  • Middle Level Workforce Outsourcing

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