Attracting and Retaining High Performers in an Organisation

April 19, 2021Blog

Attracting and Retaining High Performers in an Organisation

April 19, 2021 Blog


Recruiting and retaining good employees remains a major problem for many organisations. Finding the right talents that fit into the company’s goals and are willing to commit to these goals has proven to be an arduous task that many businesses haven’t found answers to. Employee retention is not an exercise to be treated nonchalantly because the consequences of not giving it attention can be very severe. Your employees are the drivers that move the vision and objectives of your business forward; now imagine getting a worker that doesn’t understand the vision or cannot get on board with goals? Tragic!

The quality of employees an organisation has, determines the corporate performance to a large extent. Many employees do not stay long with a business due to different reasons. It could be due to low benefits, no motivation from team leads, a hostile environment, unrealistic targets, etc. An organisation must be able to hold on to well-performing staff for a long time. There is competition within the industry, and any employee lost is a win for your competitors. To attract and retain competent employees, here are some tips to help you:

Connect with People

Your business needs the right talent, and many times they may not come to you. One effective way of spotting talents is by connecting with people at events. At such places, you get to meet quite a number of people, and you’ll be amazed at the quality of talents you’d find. Most organisations start to look out for students who are in the final stages of their education. They then groom them to fit into the company’s objectives.

Campus recruiting will never go out of vogue as it is a major sourcing centre. Most students may not be fully conscious of their capabilities, so if you can identify them and give them a platform to grow, they are likely to put in their best and generate good performance. Your business can therefore align with schools to organise job fairs or activities that showcase the best students’ abilities. Retaining a worker starts from the recruitment process; show a potential employee why your firm is the best place to be.

Encourage Growth

One major mistake most organisations make, is not encouraging their employees to evolve. A stagnant worker will soon become a liability to even your business. Encourage growth amongst your workforce. If possible, organise teachings sessions that help employees bring on board the latest developments. Every strong organisation must focus on educating its employees because it sets the employees for higher responsibilities. By training an employee, there will be no need for you to recruit for higher positions, as you’d have someone within the firm who is capable.

Encourage Feedback 

Create an environment where employees can speak freely. This should be done consciously. Employees will most likely stay in a business where they see their inputs being acknowledged. No one will want to stay in a place that they fear their words will bring retribution. Employees should be able to call attention to a plan that may be disastrous. Promote feedback and contributions from your employees, and you’ll be surprised at the quality of ideas you will find.

Juicy Benefits

To reduce the chances of an employee leaving the job, offer more than they can get from competitors. Benefits encourage workers to stay on. Flexible job hours, incentives, paid leaves are all ways to retain top performers. With the recent turn of events globally, you can try to sustain remote work among workers. An unsatisfied worker will always seek other opportunities to move. Do not give employees the opportunity to leave your business, especially when they are high performers. Good benefits can also attract employees from other firms to yours.


Motivation can sustain employees for a long time. Show appreciation to workers for work well done. This technique is an effective form of motivation. When your employees performs beyond expectation, motivate them. In doing this, you are also encouraging others to put in their best. If the offer of a gift upon performance further enhances even higher performance, make such a purchase. Happy employees perform better. No disgruntled person will be effective at work.


Employees will thrive in a workplace where openness is encouraged. When workers see that transparency is a value, it creates a safe space for them to work. The management should strive to remove every embargo that discourages the community within the organisation. Where employees can see the impact of their output, they will be encouraged to work harder. If, for example, an employee makes a positive observation and sees the management implement such input, such an individual will be encouraged to put in his best knowing that effort is appreciated and is not discarded.


The recruitment process is not an easy one. Finding the right candidate and ensuring they stay with your organisation can sometimes be hard to achieve. Employees are usually on the outlook for firms that offer more to them. And competitors are equally looking for how to snatch your best performers. With these two possibilities, the onus lies on business leaders to ensure they can get high performers to stay with them. The exit of a competent employee will surely tell on your business. The tips given above are some ways to attract and retain the services of high flyers.


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